Current Scenario

In 2020 and 2021, there had been a recent explosion of ‘visible’ racism against Asian-Americans by the black and white people.

To provide a brief background, the Asian-American people in North America were treated as perpetual foreigners, and this has been reinforced with stereotypes and propaganda for over a century.

For many people, when they hear “American” or when they declare themselves as “American”, they use the stereotype of Cowboy hats, cowboy boots, guitar, jeans, beer, horses and ranches.

Literally all of the stereotype associated with the “Country American” stereotype is of European origin.

Quick History & Elaboration

To understand this, there needs to…

My Expectation for the Reader

I have no idea how vaccination became a controversial topic and I have no idea why vaccination is believed to be a hoax. People out there believe that vaccination gives you autism, poison, or microchips.

I will not address these topics at this point. What I want to discuss is…

Background Concepts

There are many names given to the original Americans:

  • Indian / American Indian
  • First Nations
  • Native Americans
  • Redskins
  • Aboriginal Americans
  • Indigenous Americans

Logically, the labeling of continents and its people should be the following

  • Europe — European
  • Asia — Asian
  • Africa — African
  • America — American

And with this logic…


Day dramer

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