Vaccination Against Ideology

My Expectation for the Reader

I have no idea how vaccination became a controversial topic and I have no idea why vaccination is believed to be a hoax. People out there believe that vaccination gives you autism, poison, or microchips.

I will not address these topics at this point. What I want to discuss is the concept of what a vaccine is, as even with our fundamental differences in beliefs, the concepts of change and adjustment to said change is commonly found. “Vaccination” just happened to be a word that perfectly explains this process.

Details of Virus Reproduction

To discuss the details of my concept, I would like to first provide the background information of how a Virus behaves.

Steps of Virus reproduction.

  1. Virus floats around until it finds a cell

Minimum Virus count for infection

The first number of viruses that can ‘start’ the process need to be of a critical amount to begin the chain reaction.

Counting the number of viruses required to infect a host is similar to counting the number of matches required to light a campfire.

Let’s say you have several logs you want to eventually burn. If you have 5000 matches, this may not be a problem. However, if you only have 1 or 2 matches, burning an entire log is very difficult, as you need enough ‘fuel’ to get the fire started. This also depends on the status of the logs (Are they freshly cut & wet? Brittle & dry? Thick & round? Think & edgy?). Some flames may catch on easier than others, but the chain reaction that is required to start a successful flame is more likely the more number of matches are lit and held up to the logs.

How a Body Becomes Immune

When a virus infects a host, the host’s body detects the virus and creates antibodies that is specific to the strain of virus. For example, if the virus has a shape of a square, the antibodies may attach to one of the corners of a virus, resulting in a virus that is no longer able to function as normal. One thing to note is that this antibody is very specific to the type of virus.

The antibodies for a vaccine may be compared to the wheel lock for cars that are pending ticket payments.

Once the meter monitor comes around and decides that your vehicle is improperly parked, a wheel lock is placed on a sedan car. The car is still the same car, but the wheel lock renders it almost useless. However, if the vehicle parked was a semi-truck or a small scooter, the same wheel lock may not fit and it may be useless.

How a Vaccination Creates Immunity — Animals

With the concepts listed above, I will break down how a vaccination works in an animal.

Vaccination can be something that is not found in a lab, as the concept of ‘vaccination’ is bringing exposure to a less potent form of the virus that triggers antibody creation in the hosts.

Examples of vaccination we will focus on

1. “Dead” Viruses — Virus is inactivated and will no longer duplicate in a host
- Host prepares for the active viruses by configuring the immune system to the inactivated viruses.

The meter monitors configures wheel locks and practices using them on dead cars on side of the road

2. “Weakened” Viruses — Growth of spread is slowed down
- Host is exposed to active viruses, but due to delayed spread of the viruses, the chain reaction needed to let virus spread freely does not occur if the host is healthy. If the host is sickly, even a “weakened” virus can cause a full on sickness.

There are matches being lit to light logs on fire, but the matches are too small and therefore does not burn very brightly.

3. Virus “Parts” — Virus is broken down and specific parts are inserted

The meter monitors configure wheel locks and practices using them on wheels at their practice stations

How a Vaccination Creates Immunity — Country

With the above concepts, I can finally connect the analogy to how a country can be immunized.

This concept of ideas being as infectious as a “virus” is not a new concept, but I have not seen a comparison made in context of a “virus”, “host”, and “immunization”.

Before WWII, Germany was going through many issues. The inflation of the German currency was off the charts. German country was in severe debt. German people were struggling on a daily basis and as a result of looking for answers, the German people were becoming more radicalized into communists or fascists.
Given normal circumstances, Hitler’s regime would not have found the foothold to be in leadership roles of Germany. The “Virus” of illogical and cruel views of Nazi Germany would have not taken over, but due to the “sick” and vulnerable status of Germany, it quickly fell to Nazi ideology.

Even a healthy country with a healthy economy and political system will be taken-aback by such fascist views. If such fascist leadership takes the helm of the country, it would be a new experience for everyone. In fact, for some time, many would not even understand how to respond to such ideas or actions in a country that has not experienced a fascist past. However, a healthy country would be able to have the political system to rid itself of corruption. A healthy country would also have a strong economy that the people are content with, people that are less likely to move to extremes of political beliefs. What a healthy country provides against the “virus” of fascism is provide a buffer time before getting sick, and in that buffer time, the country can find, analyze, and derail fascist ideology and mindsets. In that buffer time, the country would build its “antibodies” of rules, regulations, and check/balances that would “immunize” the country to prevent a fascist radical beliefs from taking over.

This begs the following circumstance — A healthy country is exposed to a “virus”, but due to the strength of the judicial courts, economy, and political unity the country stays safe. When the country discovers that it is exposed to the “virus”, it builds “antibodies” by updating the judicial laws, economical policies, and political messages. Unfortunately, as country is working on building its “immunity”, the country is struck with judicial corruption, economic depression, and increasing tensions between radical political beliefs.
In such scenarios, what would occur? Would even the limited “immunity” built from what little “antibodies” prepared protect the country against the “virus” that is spreading faster and is getting stronger?

I believe that in such scenarios, the result will “depend”. I will say that despite the fact that the country has not strengthened its immunity fully, even the limited exposure gives it a head start in any preparation it may have.

Closing Thoughts

The ideologies taking over an existing ideology is not exclusive to conservative or liberal views nor does it only have to be extreme.

Ideologies take over when the previous idea was not working. Such instance can be as mild as a losing team changing their strategy in a game of football. Implementing a mild idea requires only a mild conflict. Implementing a more extreme idea requires as grave of a reason that justifies such event.

If the idea presented is light and the concerns too heavy, the idea will be pushed aside as insignificant and insufficient.

If the idea presented is heavy and the concerns too light, the idea will be pushed aside as too extreme and the speaker of the idea labeled as borderline insane.

If the idea presented is heavy but the concerns just as heavy to balance the scale, there is a recipe for change, whether for “good” or “bad”. And I put these in quotes, because morals and righteousness is in the eye of the beholder.

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